Gaia South Inc., (Gaia) is a professional service organization seeking to promote the concept of environmentally sustainable development. Gaia, in ancient  Greece, was the Goddess of Earth. South refers to developing countries, such as the Philippines, seeking to take off from their current economic situation but with awareness to sound principle of environmentally sustainable development.

Gaia South was incorporated in 1992, in according with the provisions of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

Gaia South principals include former officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources who, because of their wide experience in the sustainable development policy formulation and their implementation coupled with a decade of practice in the field of environmental consultancy, are foremost experts on the field. Gaia South has expert in-house technical staff and support personnel who provide the day-to-day services for various projects. It also maintains a pool of experts and specialized consultants, largely university-based.

As an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultancy firm, the company has prepared the EIA reports for numerous clienteles (over 300) in various industries including that of the mining sector and heavy industry projects, cement plant complex, housing, airport, petroleum, power, telecommunication and tourism projects among others.